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Multiple Building Mansion from the 19th century, total area of 1060 m², including a Gala terrace, a swimming pool, parking facilities and ancillary areas, overlooking at the Acropolis of Athens.

3 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms
2 Office Spaces
4 Other Rooms
4 Parking Spaces
600 m² Garden Area

Property Description


One-of-a-kind Multiple Building Mansion of total gross area of 1,060 m² in the historical city center, a few steps from the Acropolis. Five independent structures including the Main House, a Building of Multiple uses (Gala Terrace of 275 m²), parking facilities and ancillary – storage areas. The combined large land plot of approximately 1,000 m², the multiple structure, the swimming pool and the breathtaking view from the Gala Terrace make this mansion exceptionally unique.

Plaka is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods, underneath the Acropolis hill and the oldest district of the city.
The Mansion offers undisturbed views to the ancient treasures of Acropolis and its spectacular Parthenon, to Lycabettus Hill and the city center of Athens.
The surrounding area of the property offers a green pleasant scenery
Archaeological findings
A large number of listed archaeological findings are located on the property, such as ancient roman bath, an ancient well with an inscription, as well as fragments of the Acropolis.
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